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Summerized is the design firm of Summer Powell.

I’m a creative director/ graphic designer exploring new technologies, bringing a graphic punch to three-dimensional objects.

Currently I’m learning CAD, and my designs are assignments to myself -- part of the learning process.

I create jewelry I’d actually wear, and objects I’d actually use or want.

The process is so exciting -- I can dream up an object I’d like to own, design it in CAD, send the file to a business that specializes in 3-D printing, and hold the object in my hands soon after. (Almost) instant gratification!

If you don’t know what 3-D printing is, here’s an introduction:

The 3-D printer is like a paintbrush -- it adds its own patina to the objects you create with it. I love the visual language of machines – pattern, geometry, the collision of natural and artificial, and new textures.

Other inspirations include, in no particular order, pop culture references, visual puns, stupid jokes, travel, world cultures, scuba diving, animals, neon colors, moires, Wendell Castle, Freddie Mercury, Beavis & Butthead, Tadanoori Yokoo, Victor Vaserely, art deco, and anything mod.

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